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Tom Kerr

Campus Pastor at City Impact Church Queenstown

As the Campus Pastor of City Impact Church Queenstown, Tom Kerr’s biggest reward is seeing people’s lives changed for the better. Together with his wife Jocelyn, he loves seeing people putting the principles of God into practice in their marriages, families, homes, and finances.

“A congregation member once told me it was like he’d been carrying around a tool box, unable to use the tools. It was the teaching he received at our church that enabled him to take out the tools and actually do something with his Christian life. I get such a kick out of seeing people succeed as they begin to put the principles of God’s Word into practice in their lives.”


The challenge

Tom says that if it hadn’t been for a challenge from his brother-in-law Peter Mortlock over 40 years ago, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Tom grew up in a Christian home in Canada and moved to New Zealand with his family at the age of eleven.

“In my teens I went my own way and turned my back on Christian things. I never stopped believing in God, but I wasn’t living a godly life at all. By the time I finished high school, I was out on my own.”

Later, he met and married Jocelyn.

“On our honeymoon we went to Whangarei and stopped to visit my sister Bev and her husband Peter Mortlock. Their lives had been radically changed. They had come into this Christian experience and so-called ‘baptism of the Holy Spirit’ that I didn’t know anything about.”

That’s when Peter challenged Tom to go to a local church.

“He asked me if I’d go to this particular little Pentecostal church when I got home. I said, “Oh yeah.” And he said. “No, will you give me your word?” He made me shake hands on it!”


A different person

So Tom went, but Jocelyn stayed at home, having heard too much about ‘that kind of church’.

“There were only about thirty people there. I got up to walk out, but ended up walking down the front instead. I could sense God’s presence really strongly. The pastor asked me what I wanted and I said I didn’t really know! I wanted whatever everyone else had.”

So right there Tom committed his life to Jesus Christ and was baptised in the Holy Spirit.

“Jocelyn says that the man who came home that night was a different person to the one who had walked out the door.”

Tom asked Jocelyn to help him be a Christian but, although she was a churchgoer, Jocelyn realised Tom had experienced something different.

“So we made a decision that we would walk this new Christian life together.”

Business, ministry and Canada

Tom and Jocelyn ran their own business in commercial photography and multi-media, as well as volunteering and ministering at church. Then, in 1986 they returned to Canada where they continued to run their multi-media business.

“Peter and Bev’s son Tarry later joined us in the business for a year. Little did we know that this training would be the start of City Impact’s TV show Impact For Life, and their multi-media ministry.”

In 2003, Tom and Jocelyn felt that God was calling them to start their own church, and later this became the first City Impact Church in Canada.

Coming home

In 2012, Peter and Bev Mortlock asked if Tom and Jocelyn would return to New Zealand to pastor City Impact Church Queenstown, a role they still love today.

“In the Bible, God told Joshua to banish fear and doubt because God was with him. Joshua brought the people into the Promised Land and my goal in life is to bring people into all the promises that God has for them. With God, all things are possible!”

Luke 18:27 NKJV

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Joshua 1:9 TLB

Yes, be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt! For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

City Impact Church Queenstown is going from strength to strength. For more information and service times go to or check out our Facebook page.

City Impact Church Queenstown

Nestled under the hills of Frankton, our Queenstown church is a haven for local and international visitors alike.

The church became part of the City Impact family in 1998 and has gone from strength to strength ever since. Being a part of the tourist mecca that is Queenstown means the church is truly international.

Located directly opposite the Queenstown Events Centre on the outskirts of the city, this campus boasts a purpose-built facility including a sanctuary, offices, cafe, and childcare centre.

All are welcome to join us for one or both of our Sunday services:

  • 10:30am: Family Service
  • 6:30pm: Evening Service

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